Learning Outcomes

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Master the theoretical concepts of architecture, architectural designing,aesthetics system structure and building utility
  2. Master the principles of buiding science,landscape,urban planning and design, settlement, archipelago architecture, ecology and meanings in architecture
  3. Master the theories of human behavior in the interior and exterior of houses, building physichs,budgets and costs as well as research methods and architectural designs.

Be able to apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of development or implementation of science and technology that takes into account and applies human values in accordance with 
  1. Be able to demonstrate independent, qualified, and measurable performance
  2. Be able to assess the implications of the development or implementation of science technology that takes into account and applies human values appropriate with individual expertise based on scientific principles, rules and ethics in order to generate solutions, ideas, design or art critique
  3. Be able to collate scientific description of the above mentioned study results in the form of a thesis or final project report, and upload it on the university websites
  4. Be able to make appropriate decisions in the context of problem solving in the field of individual expertise, based on the analysis of information and data
  5. Be able to maintain and develop a network with supervisors, colleagues, peers both inside and outside the institution
  6. Be able to responsible for the achievement of the team-work and conduct supervision and evaluation of the completion of the work assigned to team under individual responsibility
  7. Be capable of conducting self-evaluation process of the working groups under individual responsibility, and be able to manage learning independently
  8. Be capable of documenting, storing, securing, and retrieving data to ensure the validity and prevent plagiarism.

  1. Be able to develop architectural design concepts that integrates the results of the study of behavior, environment, technical aspects, and values associated with architecture
  2. Be able to design architecture independently using research based design methods and producing creative architectural work that solving contextual architectural problems and is theoretically tested against the rules of architecture
  3. Be able to communicate idea sand design results in the form of graphs, writing and communicative models with digital ormanual techniques
  4. Be able to present some alternative design solution sand make choices based on consideration of architectural science
  5. Be able to utilize individual design capabilities to assist in the monitoring and/or implementation of environment and construction development.

  1. Show devotion to God Almighty and show are ligiousattitude
  2. Uphold the human valuesin line of duty based on religions, morals,and ethics
  3. Contribute inimproving the quality oflifeof society, nation, state, civilization based on ‘Pancasila’—the Five Basic Principles of the Republic of Indonesia
  4. Play the role as a proud, patriotic and nationalisticcitizen,and have a sense of responsibilityto the State and Nation
  5. Appreciatethe diversity of cultures, views, religions, and beliefs, as well as idea sand original findings of other people
  6. Cooperate and have social sensitivity as well as care for the community and the environment
  7. Obey the law sandbe disciplineinsociety life and the state
  8. Internalize academic values, norms,andethics
  9. Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards workin the field of individual expertise
  10. Internalize an independent, resilient, and entrepreneurial spirit
  11. Be ethicalandaesthetic, communicative, adaptive and appreciative.
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