Curriculum Structure

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Curriculum Structure

The subjects on the Curriculum Chart consists of Compulsory and Elective Courses with the following details:
a.     National Compulsory Subjects (8 credits or 5,6%) is a group of subjects which are assigned in the curriculum nationally, i.e.: Religious education, Pancasila, Indonesian Language and Basic Humanity.
b.     Usakti Compulsory Subjects (6 credits or 4,2%) is a group of subjects which is a science group or study material that characterizes Trisakti University and is needed in social life, and refer to the competitive and comparative advantage based on vision, mission, and goals at Trisakti University. The courses are English and Entrepreneurship.
c.      Study Program Compulsory Subjects (120 credits or 83,3%) is a group of subjects which are the study groups or study materials that characterize the study program and are needed in social life, and refer to the competitive and comparative advantage according to the vision, mission, and objectives of architecture education at Trisakti University.
d.     Elective Subjects (10 sks atau 6,9%) is a group of courses with electives in the title of the course. It is presented in a number of subject titles that can be freely chosen according to the interests, talents, passions and needs of the students. Elective courses must be taken as many as 10 credits, consisting of 3 courses of 2 (two) courses of 3 credits and 1 (one) course of 4 credits. Elective courses are taken from one course in electives I, II and III.

a. Courses of Project Architecture
This course is the back bone subjects of architecture undergraduate education, given in the form of studio activities with a comprehensive approach and problem solving based. The Architecture Project course is a pre-requisite subject. The courses of the Architecture Project (PA) II to VII are prerequisite courses, which must be taken sequentially and must enroll in the previous PA course with specific grade. The prerequisite course is a course that is a complete and uninterrupted series. In certain subjects, a student must first take a prerequisite course (in the previous semester). The provisions and implementation of the course of the Architecture Project will be governed by the Architectural Project Guidelines and Technical Guidelines.
b.  Course on Proposal of Project Architecture
  Is a course that produces a paper containing the concept of design; which will later be used as the basis/concept of the Final Architectural Project. The course has a prerequisite in that the students should have passed Architecture Project Courses (PA) I until VI with a minimum grade of C.
The students may choose one sub-concentration of the four sub concentrations of this Proposal of Project Architecture, namely:
a) Concentration of Practitioners and Sub Concentration of Architectural Design.
This concentration will make the proposed concept of building design and the built environment in accordance with its function by considering the architectural, structural, utility and environmental aspects which can be implemented into a real work of architect based on the standard and the legislation/legality of licensing (practical).
b) Concentration of Practitioner and Sub-Concentration of Architectural Programming
This concentration will deal with information and data analysis in a systematic and logical way to create a good architectural design by considering human as users and actors in establishing a built environment by taking local values into account.
c) Concentration of Academics and Sub-Concentration of Architectural Studies
This concentration will develop the studied concept to produce guidelines/standards for architectural work by taking various variables into account according to the theory of architectural development and building typology as well as by considering techno economic aspect, cultural solo and environment (academic).
d) Concentration of Academics and Sub Concentration of Architectural
This concentration will develop the studied concept to produce guidelines, and/or standard for architectural work by bearing in mind various variables according to the theory of architectural development and building typology and by considering techno economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects.
The provisions and implementation for Proposal of Architectural Project course will be arranged in the Guidelines and Technical Guidelines in the Implementation for Proposal of Project Architecture
a.    The Course on the Final of Architectural Project is a "terminal" course by testing the student’s ability in an architectural project comprehensively and systematically according to the rules and requirements of standard design. The student can enroll in this course if she/he has completed all other courses in the previous semesters and other courses at the same semester with the results according to the requirements set.
Substantially, the problems to be solved in the related design are programmed in the existing Architectural Project Proposal course in the previous semester (semester 7). The course of Proposal Project of Architecture is a prerequisite of the Final Project of Architecture. The minimum score for the Final Project of Architecture course is B- (minus B).
In this final project, students will continue to select 1 (one) sub-concentration of 4 (four) sub-concentrations that have been selected in the course on the Proposal of Architectural Project, namely:
1)    Concentration: Practitioners and Sub Concentrations Architectural Design
This concentration will help students to develop an implementation of specific framework from the basic idea sketches, the layout of the buildings within the integrated plot of all building systems (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and external environment) to produce architectural drawings in the form of pre-echnical (images bestek) complete with the draft cost and meet the legality of licensing. The outputs of this concentration are: Design Development, architectural DED of certain section of Building Design, RKS, RAB, RTBL, and Masterplan
2)    Concentration: Practitioners and Sub Concentrations: Architectural Programming.
This concentration will help students to solve architectural problems of building space, building and environmental structure holistically and comprehensively to produce architectural masterpiece and areas. It also helps to produce area-based thematic approach by combining scientific and synthesis ability of architectural programming, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills by endorsing the professional work ethic. The outputs of this concentration are programming reports, design concepts, and schematics.
3)    Concentration: Academics and Sub Concentrations: Architectural Studies.
This concentration will help students to make an assessment of specific frame of reference so as to produce guidance on various alternative solutions based on the various parameters and theories used within the scope of reference. The output of this concentration is a publication of the results or academic study.
4)    Concentration: Academics and Sub Concentrations: Architectural
This concentration will help students to make an assessment of the specific frame of reference so as to produce guidance on various alternative solutions based on the various parameters and theories used in the scope of the reference framework. Outputs of this concentration are the Research Report, Research Publication, Design Simulation, and Academic Writing.
The provisions and requirements of the Final Project of Architecture course will be set out in the Guidelines and Technical Guidelines for the Implementation of the Course on Final Project of Architecture
d. Course on Academic Publication
This course is related to the courses of Proposal Project of Architecture and Final Project of Architecture because the content of the writing is based on the courses. The lecturer of Academic Publication Course serves as the reviewer of the writings made by the students with the guidance of Main and Co-Supervisors on both Courses. The final result of the course of Academic Publication is a paper ready to be published on at least at the Trisakti University’s webpage or better be published on Journals or presented on Seminars. The provisions and requirements of the course on Academic Publications shall be governed in the Guidelines and Technical Guidelines on the implementation of Course on the Final Project of Architecture.
e. Practiced Courses
 Is a course in which the learning process requires activities that are testing and implementating the theory, and or testing of an architectural design idea. Subjects that fall into this category are:
1) Digital Architecture;
2) Building Physics and Environment.
Table 44. Code of Course, Name of Couse, and Weight of Credits
Compulsory Course Units  
1 PPA 601 Architectural Project I 6 I
2 PCG 301 Architectural Drawing 3 I
3 PES 301 Architectural Sketches & Aesthetics 3 I
4 PSA 201 Introduction to Architecture & Culture 2 I
5 PDS 201 Fundamentals of Building Systems, Construction Building & Utilities. 2 I
6 UKD 201 Ciizenship and Nationalism, Democracy & Human Rights 2 I
7 PPA 602 Architectural Project II 6 II
8 PTB 302 Building Construction & Structure I 3 II
9 PCD 302 Digital Architecture 3 II
10 PCM 202 Methods of Architectural Design 2 II
PTB 202
UAG 201
UAG 202
UAG 203
UAG 204
UAG 205
Costing and Building Materials
Religious Education
·      Islam
·      Protestantism
·      Catholicism
·      Buddhism
·      Hinduism
13 PPA 603 Architectural Project III 6 III
14 PTB 303 Building Construction & Structure II 3 III
15 PKT 403 Sustainble Site & Environmental Planning 4 III
16 PTP 203 Construction Regulations 2 III
17 PCK 303 Architectural Communcation & Presentation 3 III
18 PPA 604 Architectural Project IV 6 IV
19 PTB 304 Building Construction & Structure III 3 IV
20 PCM 204 Methods of Architectural Design 2 IV
21 UBL 304 Building Utilities & The Environment 3 IV
22 PSS 404 History and Theory of Achipelago Architecture 4 IV
23 PPA 605 Architectural Project V 6 V
24 PKA 305 Theory of Urban Settlement 3 V
25 PST 405 The History and Theory of World Architecture 4 V
26 PPT 205 Indonesian Language 2 V
27 PPA 606 Architectural Project VI 6 VI
28 PRP306 The Theory of Urban Architecture and Design 3 VI
29 PTF306 Biulding and Environmental Physics 3 VI
30 PCW306 Entrepreneurship 3 VI
31 PPA 807 Architectural Project VII 8 VII
32 PPT407 Proposal Architectural Project 4 VII
33 UPA207 The 5 Principles of the Republic of Indonesia 2 VII
PPT 808
PCE 308
UBA 308
PPI 408
Final Architectural Project
Professional Ethics Bahasa Inggris
English Language
Scientific Publication
Sub Total 134  
Elective Course Units  
    Option I: Research Learning Methods 3 V
1 PTP 305 Building Typology    
2 PEB 305 Building Economics    
3 PTM 305 Typology and Morphology of Cities and Settlements    
4 PPS 305 Heritage of Architecture    
    Option II : Community Service Learning Method 3 VI
5 PKA 306 Clinical Architecture    
6 PSP 306 Construction Project Studies    
7 PPN 306 Settlement Structuring    
PKA 306
UKT 200
PPE 407
PIB 407
PPK 407
PKT 407
Conservation of Architecture
Independent Study– Applied Technological Science
Option III : Seminar Learning Method
Experimental Archtecural Design
Innovations in Building Technology
Urban Development and Settlement
The Study of People and Theory of Architecture
Sub.Total 10  
TOTAL 144  
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