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Moving Path

In principle, the Bachelor Degree Program of Architecture can accept transfer students from various universities provided that the student concerned can meet all the requirements set and willing to make a written statement to comply with all applicable provisions in the Department of Architecture Program, Trisakti University.
The movement of students consists of 4 (four) categories, namely:
· Cross-shift courses at FTSP Trisakti University
· Transfer of Faculty within the scope of Trisakti University
· Displacement from State University in the country
· Displacement from overseas Universities.

There are 2 (two) provisions in connection with the above, namely the academic provisions and general provisions.
a. Academic Terms
Still within the limits of study period and do not drop out study / drop out (DO)
Already undergoing a minimum of 2 (two) semesters with GPA ³ 2.50
Attach a letter from the college of origin that describes the beginning of the study and the end of the study, and the Study Results Card each semester
The number of credits earned from the university of origin by the student concerned is at least n x 12 (twelve) credits without the D and E values. (N is the number of semesters already taken)
Compulsory to follow the test determined by the Faculty
Obey the applicable academic requirements within the scope of Trisakti University.
Value transcripts are converted by Department / Study Program and submitted to the Dean for equalization. And the Dean proposes equalization of the course to the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs to obtain approval made in 3 (three).
The study period of the University / Faculty / Study Program of origin, is taken into account in the study period of the new Faculty / Study Program according to the accepted sks.
The maximum duration of study is equal to the credits load in the curriculum minus the number of equalized credits divided by 12 (in semester units)
The number of recognized credits is set through an equalization process.
b. General requirements
Submit a letter of request to transfer to the Rector with a copy of the Dean of the Faculty no later than 3 (three) months before the beginning of the semester, by enclosing:
A legalized academic transcript
Photocopy of high school diploma legalized by the Principal for the State High School, and by the Head of the local National Education Office for the Private High School.
Certificate of transfer and the status of the last student from the college of origin.
Healthy and drug free certificate from Trisakti Medical Center.
Received Letter of approval from the Rector / Vice Rector I and the Dean of the Faculty concerned
Received a letter from the Rector on the approval of the recognized course equivalent and the length of study to be taken.
Paying tuition fees in accordance with the provisions of tuition fees applicable in the Academic Year runs to get NPM (Student Identification Number)
Have Student Identity Card (KTM)
Moving students from across the Study Program can be conducted and arranged by the Faculty / Study Program in accordance with applicable regulations / regulations
Moving within the scope of Trisakti University
The mutation is validated by the Decree of Rector / Vice Rector I based on the consideration of the related Dean.
Tuition fees that have been paid will be calculated proportionally based on the study period that has been achieved.
Movements of other universities in the country shall attach the certificate of transfer and the status of the last student concerned from the college of origin.
Movements of other universities overseas must come from Overseas Higher Education that has been recognized by Directorate General of Higher Education and Attach diploma and transcripts of value that have been endorsed by DIKTI Director General and translated into Indonesian by official translator.
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