Brief History

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Brief History

The department of Architecture was one of the five departments in the Faculty of Engineering that was established together with the establishment of Trisakti University on  November 29, 1965 based on the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science No. 13/dar/1965.
Architecture Department had officially granted as EQUIVALENT to a Bachelor Degree in 1981 based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0269/0/1981 dated  September 23, 1981. Subsequently, on November 2, 1982 MENDIKBUD released the Decree No. 0333/0/1982 stating that the Architecture Department has officially granted as RECOGNIZED to the Bachelor Degree.
Department of Architecture Engineering became one of the three departments in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (FTSP) upon approval from the Minister of Education and Culture (MENDIKBUD) in his Decree No. 0589/O/1983. This move was to anticipate the needs for education towards professionalism as a response to the government’s development plan and to the rapid development of knowledge and technology.
Based on the assessment by the Coordinator of Higher Education for Territory III, the Architecture Undergraduate Study Program was accreditated EQUIVALENT status by the Director-General of Higher Education in his Decree No. 0558/DIKTI/KEP/1993 dated 11 September 1993.
In 1998, an evaluation was conducted by using the latest Forms and Portfolio (BORANG) format.  From the results and verification, the rank and value of the accreditation for the Architecture Undergraduate Study Program was set as follows:    
Table 39. Accreditation Ranking for Architecture Undergraduate Study Program in 1998
Department Rank Score SK BAN PT DEP DIK BUD RI
Architecture A 621,2 No. 001/Ban-PT/Ak-1/VIII/ 98
Dated 11 August 1998
The above accreditation is valid for five years or effective until 2003.  Through subsequent assessments which requested greater details for the criteria to be complied with and for accuracy of evidence, the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education also adjusted its ranking scale and rated Architecture Undergraduate Study Program, Trisakti  University as follows:
Table 40. Accreditation Ranking for Architrcture Undergraduate Study Program
Year Ranking Score SK BAN PT DEP.DIK NAS RI
2003 A 378 No.019/BAN-PT/Ak-1/VII/S1/VIII/03
2008 A 376 No.032/BAN-PT/Ak-XI/S1/XII/08
2014 A 373 No. 403/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/X/ 2014
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