Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

Becoming a reputable international Architecture Study Program with the development and application of science, technology, and art in the planning and designing of arcthiecture to develop built environment guided by local wisdom that enhance the quality of life and environment. 
a. Conducting educational and teaching activities to produce graduates of architecture (S1) who have intellectual, independent, and professional abilities of international standard and entrepreneurial spirit based on Trikrama of Trisakti University’s caracter in the field of planning and designing of architecture. 
b. Improving and developing science, technology, art, and culture of international standard, based on local wisdom, in the field of planning and designing of Architecture. 
c. Enhancing the role of Undergraduate Program (S1) of Architecture in responding the needs of society and industry in the field of architecture through community service activities. 
d. Increasing commitment and consistency in upholding good governance in the scope of Undergraduate Program (S1) of architecture. 
e. Developing and advancing human resources who are knowledgeable and capable of applying planning, designing, and managing sustainable build environment based on local wisdom, independence, entrepreneurship to improve the quality of the environment and technology. 
a. Realizing Vision and Mission of Architecture Undergraduate Study Program to be understood by stakeholders and make them as the direction in the implementation of Tridharma of Higher Education (three functions of higher education).
b. Strengthening the implementation of good governance within 
 the scope of Architecture Undergraduate Study Program in  
 order to maintain institutional and scientific sustainability in   
 the field of planning and architectural design. 
c. Producing graduates of Bachelor in Architecture who is 
virtuous, knowledgeable, intelligent, independent, innovative, has entrepreneurial spirit, able to communicate and cooperate and respect the plurality of the nation that has the spirit of Reformers Campus. 
d. Improving the qualification and competence of international 
    standard human resources to enhance the nation's   
    competitiveness in the field of planning and   
    architectural design.
e. Accomplishing an academic culture that spur self-
development through productive, effective, and efficient learning process in the field of planning and architectural design and participate in building civil society. 
f. Strengthening the research culture, scientific publications of national and international standard, and work in the field of planning and architectural design that is beneficial to society, nation, and state to improve the quality of life and civilization.
g. Establishing domestic and international partnership between Architecture Undergraduate Study Program with other higher educational institutions, professional associations, industries, governments, and society in the field of architecture.
a. To make the Vision, Mission, and Objectives of Architecture Undergraduate Study Program to be understood by the stakeholders and make them as the focus in the implementation of Tridharma       of Higher Education. 
b. To maintain the “A” ranking from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN PT) and to attain the international accreditation status with the support of governing bodies which are      participative, reliable, credible, transparent, accountable, responsible, fair and consistent to implement continous improvement in quality management to achieve the Vision, Mission, and                    Objectives.
c. To graduate higly competitive Bachelor of Architecture students of national and international standard imbued with   Trikrama of Trisakti University to achieve a 30% target of its graduates                  continuing further in the field of Architecture, 70% of its graduates working in the field of architecture within six months, and 10% of them creating  jobs.
d. To achieve graduates’ performance in quality and prestige through the recommendations from 10 big national or international companies in the field of Architecture.
e. To achieve human resource targets of 90% docotoral degree lecturers in their relevant competency; 80% lecturers with academic title of professor/associate professor; academic supporting staff       with certificates related to their duties; lecturer-student ratio of 1:10; 5% of lecturers received international recognition; and 5% of lecturers have international professional experience in related           field.
f. To achieve learning process that are productive, effective, and efficient based on student centered learning and implement student exchange programs and students cooperation with other                 universies in and outside the country.
g. To provide educational support structures such as places for prayer, first aid, canteen, discussion room, assembly room, student cooperative room, alumni room, and meeting room.
h. To create a conducive academic environment through a curriculum that meets the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) which supports the diversity of cultures among nations, and meets market demands in accordance with the knowledge of Architecture to build a civil society based on local wisdom.
i. To provide a support system of information structure and E-learning facilities that is continously updated.
j. To provide infrastructure for activities related to Tridharma of Higher Education to support a conducive academic environment for classes, workspace for lecturers and heads of faculties and departments, workspace for academic administration, service space, academic archive space, discussion/seminar/exhibition/audiovisual/laboratories/library/workshop/studio and/or of certified international standard and accessible to public interest.
k. To implement the Tridharma of Higher Education for Architecture Undergraduate Study Program by cooperating with five universities from among the 500 best universities in the world and conducting cooperation research with at least two different types of industries whose results are published in international journals.
l. To achieve results that are proven and to give trainings for developing human resources in region under the guidance of Trisakti University in the field Architecture and the like.
m. To publish in natioanal and international scientific publications of seven papers per lecturer, and one patent invention in every five years. 
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